• 10x Survival Tabs - Emergency Survival Food Supply Tablets (Strawberry Flavor) [Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, 25 Year Shelf Life]

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    10x Survival Tabs - Emergency Survival Food Supply Tablets (Strawberry Flavor) [Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, 25 Year Shelf Life]

    Great gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life!

    Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. 25 Year Shelf Life.

    10 Bottles of 180 Tablets

    SURVIVAL TABS - "The Best Possible Nutrition in the Smallest Possible Volume"


    Whether it's a zombie apocalypse, natural disaster, or just enjoying the great outdoors, The Survival Tabs are a convenient, compact, lightweight, and life-sustaining 15-day food ration for any occasion. These ultra high-calorie food tablets provide full vitamin and mineral requirements, protein for strength, carbohydrates, dextrose and lactose for fast energy in dire circumstances, and essential fatty acids for long-lasting endurance when you need it most...and they taste great, too!

    Average consumption of twelve tabs per day may be decreased when other foods are available in adequate amounts and quality, or increased in times of complete starvation or extreme physical exertion. It assures you a full 100% USRDA of 15 essential vitamins and minerals. This is a true "Survival Food" that will keep you alive and moving for months on the amount you can carry in your own pack.

    A perfect lightweight food for emergencies - earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, fires, floods, or just a simple snack.


    When The Survival Tabs were formulated, a host of factors were considered in order to adapt them to their purpose as a lightweight, emergency, life-sustaining food ration:
    1) The less intake of food, the more efficient the body becomes. Basically, when food intake is reduced, it remains in the digestive tract longer and assimilates more completely.
    2) Generally, of the food we eat, a great deal of it is not digested and used up as calories. The Survival Tabs are 100% digestible as well as completely assimilated by the body.
    3) The quality of the food we eat is more important than the quantity. Poor quality protein, carbohydrates and fat can put a strain on the digestive organs, especially the kidneys.

    In The Survival Tabs, we have used protein of a high biological value, which is 100% utilized. This helps protect the body from cannibalism of its own protective tissues. The fat is composed entirely of fatty acids which provide the essential ingredients of fat. The carbohydrates are of a high quality and 100% utilized.

    The Survival Tabs provide greatly larger amounts of calories and nutrition than any other product available. The high-caloric content, combined with a carefully balanced amount of all the essential nutrients, provides a "state of the art" product, as far as survival rations are concerned. The Survival Tabs are a perfect lightweight, emergency food ration for use in survival kits. They are a vast improvement over candies and other quick-energy fixes that are currently in use.


    We would estimate the shelf-life for The Survival Tabs to be 10-plus years, but suggest rotating them to ensure maximum food value every 2-3 years.

    The Survival Tabs container is heavyweight plastic and of such a size and shape to fit and be carried within a regular G.I. canteen pouch. The small empty space under the cap contains a plastic bag. If an extra water canteen is needed, The Survival Tabs can be poured in the plastic bag and be carried in a backpack or pocket while the container is used for water.
    No preparation is required. The tablets are very good tasting and easily chewed.